Healing And Meditative Sounds and Overtone Singing From Around The World.

A guide showing you how to calm and focus the mind through singing the ancient way. It draws on sources from around the world, covering Pythagorean, Eastern, Jewish, Christian, American and African musical traditions. It covers ancient beliefs in the Lost Chords, Music of the Spheres, Tantras, Chakras, the Kabbalistic tree as well as modern concepts of white sound, brainwave generation and others.

Ancient peoples have always used incantation and music to tune into nature and acheive expanded consciousness, better health, and for purposes of divination. The most powerful of all forms of sound healing and transformation is the technique of overtone chant, still practiced in many parts of the world today.

The illustrated, easy to read book is full of techniques and tips on how to keep “on top”, using sound, music and harmony, helping you to take control of your life in your own way in your own time.

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