A Marriage of Theology and the Sciences

The inspiration for this book Is founded upon the work of many authors and researchers who questioned the paradigms of their time and sought answers to unanswered questions.
Their analysis of even more ancient texts, their conclusions, and their evolving understanding of the meanings of the great epics that form the foundations to all of our religions have been inspirational to me and moulded my thinking in more ways than I care to admit.
Their writings and conclusions have had a profound impact on my personal journey to seek answers beyond the veil of consciousness that limits our understanding of our existence.

I also acknowledge the crucial importance of my teachers in both the secular, scientific world in which I live, and also the religious and philosophical world in which I explore. Their education and guidance has been invaluable to me, not only in the development of my knowledge and experience, but also have nurtures a gentle cynicism, or lack of blind acceptance towards dogma that is all too prevalent in our society. I also acknowledge the importance of those who trained me in the disciplines of so-called alternative medicine.

Concepts of treating “body, mind and spirit”. In Chinese medicine, Ayurveda and Holistic medicine in homeopathy, opened my mind to the broader aspects of human existence and introduced me to concepts outside of the constraints of my own cultural and religious upbringing.

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